Kentish Buffet £59

Kentish Buffet £59




A fantastic selection of chutneys, dips, crackers and crisps for Christmas evening or a Boxing Day cold buffet

In a festive giftbox


Seasalt and cracked pepper Crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Ale and rosemary crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Spicy fig & plum chutney from Whitstable Pickles

Pickallilli from Whitstable Pickles

Pickled onions in spiced vinegar from The Wooden Spoon Preserving Co

Nanny Pam's chilli jam from Kent Chilli Farm

Garlic mayonnaise from Kentish Oils

Selection of four packs of handmade crisps from Kent Crisps

Aubergine and oregano dip from A Little Bit




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