Kentish Buffet £50 (reduced!)




A fantastic selection of chutneys, dips, crackers and crisps for Christmas evening or a Boxing Day cold buffet

In a festive giftbox


Seasalt and cracked pepper Crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Ale and rosemary crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Spicy fig & plum chutney from Whitstable Pickles

Pickallilli from Whitstable Pickles

Pickled onions in spiced vinegar from The Wooden Spoon Preserving Co

Little Devil chilli chutney from Kent Chilli Farm* 

Classic mayonnaise from Kentish Oils*

Selection of four packs of handmade crisps from Kent Crisps

Aubergine and oregano dip from A Little Bit


*replaces chilli jam in picture

*replaces garlic mayonnaise in picture


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