Luxury Christmas £125

Luxury Christmas £125



A real Kentish festive feast in a traditional wicker hamper, this hamper provides a wonderful and bountiful selection of Kentish produce for Christmas.

Products are locally made, handmade and many are very traditionally Kentish. Indulge and enjoy!


Apple and hazelnut cookies from Zingiberi Bakery

Sea salted caramel fudge from Fudge Kitchen

Christmas cracker containing small selection of chocolate treats from Cocoba 

Boozy Xmas chocolate confectionery from Goupie

White Xmas chocolate confectionery from Goupie

Three bags of handmade crisps from Kent Crisps

Spicy fig & plum chutney from Whitstable Pickles

Chilli jam from Kent Chilli Farm 

'St Nicks' plum & cranberry jam from The Wooden Spoon Preserving Co

Pickled Onions in spiced vinegar from The Wooden Spoon Preserving Co

Orange and whisky marmalade from The Wooden Spoon Preserving Co

Captains crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Ale & rosemary crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Two individual Christmas cakes from Wye Bakery

Large bottle of organic juice from Moors Organic Farm

Pluckley tea from The Kent Tea & Coffee Co, Pluckley

'Santa Berry' Christmas tea infusion

Hazelnut coffee from The Kent Tea & Coffee Co

Luxury rum truffles from Cocoba

Dark chocolate brazils

Milk chocolate honeycomb bites




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