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Select your gift box below. An approximate guide to number of contents is given with each selection. All hampers include shred and card hampers also include a large bow.

Once you've selected your gift box head over to the Why not add page to fill your hamper with Kentish goodies.

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Suitable for 6 or 7 medium items, eg. 3 jars, juice, chocolates, biscuits, 2 crisps, 

£8.00 *

In stock

Attractively packaged with dark red ribbon


Suitable for 6 medium items, eg 3 jars, a chocolate product, biscuits and a packet of crisps

£10.00 *

In stock

Suitable for 6 - 9 medium items

£14.00 *

In stock

Suitable for 10 - 12 medium items

£16.00 *

In stock

Suitable for 4 - 6 small to medium items 

£20.00 *

In stock

Suitable for 10 -2 medium items 

£28.00 *

In stock

Suitable for up to 20 medium items 

£42.00 *

In stock

A beautiful wooden suitcase with leather handle. 

Holds approx 4 medium and 2 small items

£25.00 *

In stock

* Prices include VAT, plus delivery